About this site

This catalogue gives a selection of the digital Bachelor and Master from the following faculties:
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (master theses, from 1994 t/m 2005, from 2013 onward)
  • Faculty of Economics & Business Administration (master theses, from 2005 onward)
  • Faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience (master theses, from 2005 to 2012)
  • Faculty of Law (master theses, from 2005 t/m 2007)
  • Maastricht Graduate School of Governance / MGSoG (master theses, from 2002 onward)
  • MUMC+/AZM, Verpleegkunde (bachelor theses, from 2010 onward)
  • ICIS (master theses, from 2011 onward)

The theses are made available by the Maastricht University Library.

Please contact Ask your Librarian if you have any question or suggestion.